Address: Newspot Stadium, Richardson Reserve, Richardson Drive, Wynn Vale, South Australia

Phone Number:  Club Secretary 0419 180 093


Our Mission

Modbury Vista Soccer Club’s mission is to:

  • provide an opportunity for players of all skills levels to reach their potential whilst demonstrating the MVSC values.
  • improve coach education with the aim of producing high quality coaches that will lead to on field success that will make Modbury Vista Soccer Club the “club” of choice for players and their families.
  • provide its players and their families with a positive experience.
  • be committed to identifying and promoting talent.
  • engage with the local community and council to raise the game’s profile and ensure that it can provide the best possible facilities for its members.

Our Values

Historically Modbury Vista Soccer Club has held the values of:

  • Pride – in the club, in the jersey, in performance, in behaviour and in its members
  • Honour – in how you represent the club and yourself
  • Respect – shown to the club, members, teammates, coaches, opposition , officials and  the community.

In recent times our community feedback has let us to include some additional values that help define the spirit of Modbury Vista Soccer Club, these are:

  • Teamwork – cooperating with others to achieve a common goal
  • Humility – we acknowledge the contributions of others and are gracious in defeat and humble in victory
  • Effort – a value that can take us to new heights and lead us to achieve targets and objectives that may have otherwise appeared unachievable
  • Integrity – we display the quality of being honest and acting with morality in everything we do and the decisions we make.