The following stock can be purchased in the canteen.  

Various training jackets are also availabe in variable sizes and styles.

Sizes are limited and restricted to what is available in the canteen.


Please see the canteen or click on the link to email the Merchandise Coordinator.

MVSC Pom Pom Beanie

$ 25

MVSC Scarfe

$ 35

MVSC Umbrella

$ 35
  • Limited edition All Blue with Logo in stock only

Blue Cap

$ 25

MVSC Adidas Tiro Polo

$ 45
  • With MVSC Logo

MVSC Adidas Tiro Jacket

$ 65
  • With MVSC Logo

MVSC Adidas Rain Jacket

$ 55
  • With MVSC Logo
Limited Stock

MVSC Adidas Stadium Jacket

$ 120
  • With MVSC Logo​

Hoodies can be ordered when an online campaign is active.  This link will show active campaigns or check social media to stay in the loop.